Tarahumaras suffer, die from diseases

Special to The Herald-Post


Transcripción: Carmen Muñoz: Analista Documental


March 28.-A total of 263 children and adults died last week of measles and typhoid fever in the Tarahumaras Indian villages of Chinipas and Uruachi, State Rep. Abelardo Pérez Campos, reported to federal health authorities here.

The legislator said that 350 persons, about 90 per cent of the surviving population of the villages, were ill.

The Indians buried their dead in such shallow graves that coyotes ate the bodies , he said.

Dr. Aden Mercado Cerda, federal health officer , dispatched six doctor san two nurses by plane to San Rafael de Olivo.

From there they were to travel by muleback ti the isolated communities, which are te high sierra some 200 miles west of Chihuahua City.

Meanwhile health officers reported that a whooping cough and diphteria epidemic has killed 59 persons in another Indian village, San Rafael Yoquivo, in the same general area.

Fuente: El Paso Herald-Post/Tuesday, March 28, 1967/Colección: Margarita Perches/Sala Chihuahua

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